What is the childhood work

Childhood is the most beautiful and carefree time. Only we understand this when we grow up. Childhood is the foundation of our life. Small, we react to the world differently than adults: we do not adapt, we are not hypocritical, we openly express our opinion. “The mouth of the child is spoken by the truth,” the people say. Growing up, we begin to evaluate the world around us differently, people. We become more pragmatic, not so naive, we become sometimes indifferent and selfish. But what has been inherent in us since childhood, remains with us forever. “A person begins from childhood, it is in childhood that a good is sown,” S. Mikhalkov said. And only in years it will be clear whether the seeds of good were different or the weeds of evil ruined them. The task of each of us is to make sure that the seeds of good sprouted,

My earliest childhood memories are connected with my mother – with the most precious person. I remember how we walked in the park,

ate ice cream, candy. Smiles, fairy tales, a good mood, lots of toys, sweets – that’s what childhood means to me. I remember how we waited for the whole family New Year, birthdays. Since childhood, people have been accompanied by holidays, which make their life more colorful, solemn, make diversity and joy in it. Of course, my childhood is associated with gifts. I still keep some of them, because they are dear to me as a memory of unforgettable happy and happy days. Sometimes, when I have a melancholy mood, I, as often happened in my childhood, begin to lay out my favorite toys and talk to them. Maybe some will find this strange, but the memories of something good,

I remember how we kids went dressy, happy in the first class. We considered ourselves already great, because they became schoolchildren. All our relatives saw us off and wished a good journey. I remember the first lesson and the teacher’s words: “Hello, children!” And from lesson to lesson, from class to class, in school everyday life we ​​discovered and learned the highest values ​​of life. Now, seeing little first-graders,

we remember our first days at school and compare ourselves with them. We, too, were just as nimble, restless, sometimes confused, sometimes inordinately curious. We wanted more to play, relax, than to prepare for lessons. And now we, high school students, like to have fun, to play pranks.

With what childish delight we are waiting for the first snow, the long-awaited winter, when you can play snowballs, ride a sled. Snow pleases both children and adults. On such days, Pushkin’s words are recalled: “The frost and the sun: a wonderful day!” We, like children, believe in miracles, we believe that Santa Claus will come to us. We want to receive many gifts not only for the New Year. Although with age we begin to understand that miracles can be done with our own hands. And gifts are nice not only to receive, but also to give. The gift is an expression of our most good feelings. And we feel great joy if a person gives our gift pleasure.

Childhood swept quickly. As L. Oshanin noted,

Sooner or later all the snowdrifts melt And the old ice breaks the rivers. Sooner or later people grow up – So he came, our turn.

Each of us has different memories of childhood, but our unconcerned, happy, joyful childhood unites us. We are on the verge of an adult life. What will be our future? So you want to repeat the words from the well-known song: “My childhood, wait, do not rush, wait. Give me an easy answer, what’s ahead.” What awaits us in an uneasy adult world? Can we stay human? Who are we and what will we be? It is difficult to give unambiguous answers to these questions. The main thing is to prepare yourself for life useful, interesting and always be a person.

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What is the childhood work