A little work about the spring

More than other times of the year, I love spring. And it’s not surprising. Spring gives me a feeling of joy, of coming changes, a special spring mood.

The first rays of the spring sun say that a long and difficult winter has passed, there will be no more frosty frosts, blizzards and snow drifts, a new and exciting time has come. The breath of spring is felt in everything. It awakens an asleep nature to a new life. The sun is warming, the snow is melting, the drops are ringing, the fast streams are running. All around rejoices and sings, rejoicing in the arrival of spring. Especially I like to listen to the chorus of the spring drip. It is an amazing and incomparable music created by nature, tired of a long winter.

At night it’s cold and frosty, winter does not go away and does not give up without a fight. But in the daytime spring more and more comes into its own. There is less snow, birds sing and chirp, greeting the spring. The trees are already awakening

from the winter sleep. On their branches buds are swollen, the first leaves are ready to appear. Even the spring wind does not look like a winter one. He, though still cold, but affectionate and smells in the spring.

For the whole of nature, the time comes for renewal. You just need to find yourself in the spring forest to see how nature awakens around. Lightness and joy are felt in everything. The first tender sun rays illuminate the ground, freed from snow and ice. Sunny bunnies joyfully jump between the trees awakening from the winter sleep. And on the thawed patches there are already the first spring flowers. These are snowdrops. In some places the ground is covered with thawed dark snow, and these small and delicate blue flowers already make their way to light and warmth, pleasing the eye with bright colors. They persistently reach out to the sun, even through last year’s snow.

Snowdrops appear on the glades so amicably that it seems as if a piece of blue spring sky lies on the ground. Do not want to tear such flowers, they can only admire.

Truly, spring is the most long-awaited time. And she certainly comes after a rainy autumn and a cold, frosty, endless winter.

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A little work about the spring