The composition “The Family – the Cell of Society”

In modern conditions, the role of the family, the most important unit of human society, in all socio-economic processes taking place in our country, in every work collective, is growing ever more. In the family, the moral, physiological foundations of human existence, its spiritual, world-view qualities are laid. Therefore, the moral health of the community largely depends on the moral health of the family.

The family has the ability to influence the development of society.

It as in a mirror reflects the most significant processes of its development – economic, social, demographic. “Public order,” F. Engels emphasized, “under which people live in a particular historical epoch and a certain country, are determined by the stage of development, on the one hand, of labor, on the other hand, of the family.”

The family brings the fullness of life, the family brings happiness, but every family, especially in the life of society, said the outstanding

Soviet teacher A. S. Makarenko, is, above all, a big matter of great national importance.

A family is a union of people based on marriage or kinship, connected by a commonality of life and mutual responsibility. Through the family, generations of people change, in it a person is born, through which the family continues. In the family, the upbringing of children takes place, and in a significant part the duty to take care of old and disabled members of society is realized.

The main purpose of the family is to satisfy the social, group and individual needs. Being a social unit of society, the family satisfies a number of its most important needs, including in the reproduction of life, that is, in the birth of children, the continuation of the human race.

The family participates not only in quantitative, but also in qualitative reproduction of the population. This, first of all, is connected with the introduction of a new generation to the scientific and cultural achievements of mankind, with the maintenance of its health, and also with the prevention of the reproduction of various kinds of biological

anomalies in new generations.

The family participates in the social production of means of subsistence, restores the resources of its adult members spent on production, maintains its economy, has its own budget, and organizes consumer activities. All this, taken together, is the economic function of the family.

The family is an inalienable unit of society, and it is impossible to reduce its importance. No nation, not a single civilized society, could do without a family. The foreseeable future of society is also not conceivable without a family. For each person, the family is the beginning. The concept of happiness almost everyone associates, first of all, with the family: the happy one who is happy in his home.

The family is the creator of civilization. It produces the main social wealth – a person.

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The composition “The Family – the Cell of Society”