What is ideal?

The word “ideal” of Greek origin. It means “sample”, “norm”. Ideal we call ideas about the most perfect objects, phenomena, qualities, etc. And the ideal is the highest goal that people seek. You probably heard and used the words “perfect friendship”, “perfect lesson”, “perfect performance of the task”, “ideal costume”, etc. In the examples above, the word “ideal” means “the best”, “the most perfect”. In this sense, the concept of “ideal” is close to the notion of “moral values”. Indeed, any of the moral values ​​- and good, and truth, and love, and happiness, and justice – is the ideal to which we aspire in relations with people. And because we all have different experiences, then our ideas about the ideal are different. To verify this, complete the tasks.

So, most often, the ideal is considered to be something most perfect, most desirable. The moral ideal refers to the relationship between people, life in society, the moral personality. True, there is no unanimity in views on such ideals. For example, some people consider ideal such a society where everyone is provided with food, shelter, good clothes, etc. Others argue that in an ideal society everyone has the opportunity to develop their abilities, to work creatively and be happy. But, in spite of different ideas, people always dreamed of an ideal society, an ideal state and directed all their energies and all their energy to their creation.

The ideal is the highest, hard-to-reach degree of perfection in anything; the perfect incarnation of something, the perfect pattern.

Perfect – perfect, exemplary, irreproachable.

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What is ideal?