Composition “One can not live in society and be free from society”

Man is a social creature. Each of us has very early childhood, we are surrounded by relatives. First, we grow up in a family where grandparents, mother, father, brothers and sisters take care of us. We are raised on a personal example of our close relatives.

Then we go to the kindergarten. In the team, children develop faster, they start to speak well before, their speech is more diverse. And communication skills can also be formed in games. After all, there are many mobile and board games, which are played by teams. And a sense of support gives us confidence.

At school, the circle of friends is expanding. After all, many adults appreciate school friendship and maintain a relationship with their classmates throughout their lives. Next is the university, and then work. And everywhere we are surrounded by people. We have to communicate daily. It is impossible to make a purchase in a regular store without communicating with sellers, it’s boring to walk alone in a park

or in the outdoors, being sick at a stadium for a favorite team or playing mobile games to one is not fun either.

It is society that shapes man as an individual. The society influences its habits and traditions. Since ancient times, people have learned to survive in the wild by uniting into communities. So it was easier to fight enemies and get food. The society formed their own devices and customs. The climate and the population influenced the formation of nationalities and peoples. Different languages ​​and dialects allow people to communicate with each other. Political, economic and climatic cataclysms also greatly affect society and people in it. Man as a person is formed under the influence of events occurring in society. History has shown that wars and revolutions evoke a rebellious character in people, a sense of patriotism. In peacetime, science and culture develops and many creative and gifted people appear.

Another example of the relationship between man and society is fashion. Fashion for everything: clothes shoes, gadgets, education, lifestyle. People communicate with each other, copy each

other and spread information about fashion trends. A person is always looking for communication with people like themselves, with the same tastes and hobbies.

It is difficult to survive a person without communication. Everyone remembers the story of Robinson Crusoe, who spent 28 years on the island without talking to people. He arranged his way of life, planted livestock, grew food products, but he lacked simple human communication. Far from the benefits of civilization, he tried to find communication with the surrounding nature. If he was not busy with work and improving the conditions of life – he would just be wild. This is the case with children-Mowgli. Such stories about the children who were raised in the wild nature of animals are now very much on the Internet. Without society, such children grow wild and not adapted to life. They do not know how to live in a society and communicate with other people.

The society consists of people and people – this is its main component part. It is impossible to live a full life outside of society and without communication. Modern life allows you to communicate not only live, but also through the Internet. Different social networks, communicators and programs for communication on the video makes it possible to feel necessary and in demand. Without leaving home, you can regularly communicate with friends and acquaintances. Share interesting stories, work, play, watch movies and performances. This is the connection between man and society.

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Composition “One can not live in society and be free from society”