“The role of man in society”

Everyone listens to public opinion. Every day he watches TV, talks with classmates or colleagues, spends time on Internet resources. Around him is a society that can not be ignored. The society forms views on life, reveals the traits of character, pushes the person to actions. The society is able to instill a sense of taste and measures, develop an outlook.

The influence of society on a person is great. Not only is there a positive moment in this topic: weak and helpless people are not able to make decisions and live according to the laws of society, obeying another opinion, even if they have their own. In order not to contradict, they do not of their own free will. The influence of society was before, but now, people are ready for much, just to be loved and popular. Despite the fact that they are crossing the path to public respect.

We know about the life of a person in society from works that have come down to us from the past. They are diverse: from the life of saints

and ending with modern literature. Not only writers talked about the influence of society on the individual, but also talented artists, writers, and filmmakers. But in the literature this question was particularly acute.

A sad example of a spineless person acting on someone else’s instructions is described in Turgenev’s story “Mumu”. A mute serf is forced to drown the dog on the orders of his lady. Despite the fact that she was his only friend. Having manifested his character, the fate of the animal and their friendship could have developed more successfully. The result of this example – you need to be able to express, express your opinion, especially when it comes to someone else’s life.

The second literary example is the image of Eugene Onegin – the famous Pushkin hero, who watched himself to be liked by others, corresponded to fashion. He danced and had fun, spoke French, in general, did everything to ensure that his society was respected. But because of public opinion, he can not abolish the duel and kills a friend, thereby confirming that he is subordinate to society and did as he wished. This example shows that one error in slave behavior can become fatal.

Summarizing, you involuntarily catch yourself thinking that all people are dependent on public influence. Only one can listen, draw conclusions, and then decide how to act. And others, without hesitation, do everything for the sake of servility.

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“The role of man in society”