What feelings and qualities are inherent in the citizens of a democratic society

In order to understand what Civil feelings are, it is necessary to recall ordinary human feelings towards other people: a sense of duty towards our parents, a sense of collectivism, empathy for the sick and infirm, etc. Civil feelings are related to the country in which we live: the feeling love for the Motherland, a sense of duty to protect it, a sense of respect for the symbols of the state, its culture, language, history, and civil dignity. Civil feelings strengthen a person in his beliefs, moral principles, personal civic qualities and manifest in his actions and deeds.

Prosperity of society largely depends on what kind of people it consists of. If the country is hard to live, then it is not only the authorities or external enemies that are to blame for this; to a large extent it depends on the citizens of this country, on their characters, will, feelings, abilities, on their Civic qualities.

A wealthy person gives money to repair an orphanage in order to help orphans. He does not buy himself another house, but gives his money to a business that is extremely important for society and specific people. His act is noble and civil. Any civil action requires a man of volitional efforts. The will helps a person to overcome such negative qualities as laziness, cowardice, incontinence, indiscipline, etc. Willed people act when thoughts arise in their minds: “it is necessary”, “I must”, “necessary”, “who, if not me “, etc. They are well aware of the purpose of the activity, independently develop ways to achieve this goal and confidently advance on them.

Civil – inherent in a conscious citizen, aimed at the benefit of society.

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What feelings and qualities are inherent in the citizens of a democratic society