My favorite literary hero

There are a lot of books, even more there are different literary heroes. The most interesting thing in any work, be it a great novel or a short story, is a hero. Hardly anyone can boast of the fact that he really enjoyed reading an essay by an author who only contains descriptions of nature or some events and is completely devoid of information about some heroes, whether people or other beings. So I do not really like these works.

On the contrary, I really like works where there are some interesting characters. My favorite hero is the main character of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment” Rodion Raskolnikov.

It would seem that Rodion Raskolnikov committed a terrible crime, killing two people, what is in it then so interesting? And why is he so fond of me? Well, I think that the answer to this question requires a serious and thorough justification. Firstly, Rodion Raskolnikov is a person who seriously considered his actions. I think

that many people are doing something bad, commit crimes and do not even think about anything – about the consequences and the like. Rodion was far from that. Long before he committed the crime, he began to seek moral justification, began to think about it.

An immoral person would never and for no reason would he seek any excuses. In order to justify his illegal and unscrupulous actions, Rodion came up with a whole philosophy, according to which he had the right to such an act. Secondly, Rodion Raskolnikov still disappointed in what he did, and very much. He was a moral, conscientious person.

Of course, having a certain character, he does not directly and openly admit that he made a very serious mistake, but in fact, with his whole state, he confirms that he is suffering very seriously from what is happening. Thirdly, he liked me also for the reason that he understands that the punishment that he has to endure is obligatory for his purification, the liberation of conscience from sin and all the like. At some point he understood very well that he had to atone for his own guilt before humanity for his deed. He was ready for such redemption.

There are many literary heroes, who with confidence can be considered as those that deserve sympathy. But I could only like an extremely controversial hero, is also not devoid of pensiveness to a certain extent. It is for this reason that Rodion Raskolnikov became my favorite hero.

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My favorite literary hero