How to preserve the moral values ​​of society

The treasury of the moral experience of each people is its language. Among the first words to be learned by a person are quite a few that are related to morality: well-bred, naughty… The word is our first moral teacher, because listening to mother’s lullabies, grandmother’s tales, we learn to compare with the notion of “good” deeds other people and their own. Mastering ethics, you constantly come across new words. These are not only scientific concepts – terms such as: morality, human rights, social justice, moral norms, etc. The majority of “ethical” words are commonly used. Getting acquainted in the fifth class with the notion of “good breeding”, you established the connections between the words of the educated – polite – courteous – courteous – moral, figured out whether it is appropriate to use synonyms, you know, what shades they are different. Thus, mastering the language, we also absorb the moral

experience of previous generations.

Moral values ​​of society are embodied also in proverbs, sayings, winged expressions. Brief and accurate, they live hundreds and thousands of years, embodying the highest wisdom – how to be a Man. In each lesson of ethics, you refer to such expressions. Therefore, of course, noticed that they often wander from one people to another. They are happily retold, deepening and supplementing, philosophers, writers, scientists. Such statements are collected in special editions – dictionaries of phraseological units, winged expressions, encyclopedias of aphorisms, etc. It is interesting that collections of winged expressions are known from very ancient times. For example, during the times of Kievan Rus on our lands, the books “Bee” and “Izbornik Svyatoslav” were very popular, which contained winged expressions from the Bible, works of Greek philosophers,

Moral experience of mankind is embodied in folklore works, primarily in fairy tales, legends, and in fiction. In the lessons of ethics, you often refer to examples from the literature.


ideas of kindness and beauty are imbued with works by brush masters, sculptors and other artists who are attracted to the secrets of the human soul. Therefore, art is a generous source of moral experience.

Moral values ​​from time immemorial embodied in customs and traditions. Last year, in ethics lessons, it was, for example, the moral norms of the Ukrainian people, in which traditions of hospitality, respect for the family, parents, native land, man of labor were passed from generation to generation. On the guard of morality – and religious beliefs, and the church. It’s not for nothing that to get into the essence of many moral concepts, we turn to religious texts – parables, teachings, prayers, commandments.

The moral values ​​of mankind have long been the basis of laws. Modern laws define life as the highest value. They are based primarily on values ​​such as freedom, equality, justice. Modern laws define as crimes the murder, theft, the humiliation of the honor and dignity of man and many other manifestations of violation of moral norms.

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How to preserve the moral values ​​of society