Pets composition

And I have a cat at home. A big one, red with a tail. really want to write about something monumental about it. Because the cat itself is very monumental. He does not have a name. When he behaves well, his name is red, but in general he is almost always called a stink. Because he always behaves in a very peculiar way. Well, for example, in his 7 or skoka there years, he likes to hang under the ceiling in the corridor, climbing there on the wonderful wallpaper.

In general, the cat is very creative, because the repair in the kitchen, he wonderfully painted his claws on his cat’s fret. And every time I’m sitting in the kitchen I look at the corner of the wallpaper under the ceiling, where his claws were imprinted and I reflect. probably in his childhood he dreamed of being a pilot, well, or at least an industrial climber.

His claws are generally a separate song. He does not give a cut for them under any circumstances. And I, being myself, a girl who does not have special skills in twisting cats into a ram’s horn, I’m afraid to approach this 10 kilogram monster sizzling and scratching. So he goes without manicure. But how he walks! Rather, even say it does not go, and this, performs the greatest in its scale and speed of the race from the kitchen to my sofa, through the corridor. And that’s strange at the corners it does not enter. At night. On the laminate floor. Claws. Tydydydydydyn! And he loves to eat very much. And sleep in my closet. On things.

So that they later acquired painfully familiar shade of his reddish hair. About the pot I will not tell. Because this is our most painful place. and when talking about his pot, I have to lift from a long and heavy fainting. In general, I love him.

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Pets composition