Composition description of animals

I really like pets. And finally my parents gave me a kitten for my birthday. He was small, fluffy, black with a white speck on his forehead. The speckle had the shape of an asterisk, so everyone started calling the kitten an asterisk. A round little face with a black nose, sparkling eyes and small erect ears was in my kitten.

How funny it was! Thick, on short legs. Every time she saw me, ran up, rubbed against her legs, as if inviting me to play with him. Kitten was a cheerful disposition, and therefore very quickly became a favorite of the family.

Most of all Asterisk loved to play with a paper butterfly. Kitten cheerfully jumped up, stood on the back legs, twisted his head.

I really love my Asterisk and I’m glad that I have it.

My grandmother has a dog. This is a large Central Asian sheepdog, which has the nickname Rex.

He has a long, thick wool of white color. The head is large, the muzzle is elongated, narrowed to the nose. The eyes in Rex

are dark and smart. He looks at everyone with a steadfast, attentive gaze. Slender long legs overgrown with smooth hair. The tail is short, and wool falls from it with waves.

Rex is big and strong, and the character is nice and calm. And although he is already an adult, likes to play with the ball, run with me race.

I like Rex, and I’m happy to play with him.

Once I saw a squirrel on a tree in the park. Golden brown, only the tip of the tail is white, like sour cream. The tail is much larger than the squirrel itself. He is magnificent and fluffy. The quotes are short with well-developed fingers, strong and dense.

Thanks to sharp claws, the animal quickly moves with tree trunks, it easily clings to branches. Teeth with squirrels are strong and sharp. They easily crack the hardest nuts. Of all forest inhabitants, squirrels are the most alive and restless.

I like squirrels, and I watch them with satisfaction.

I love sparrows. They nest near human dwellings. A merry chirping of these brave and clever bandits comes from under the roof over my window.

Sparrows have a strong conical beak, short wings, a long tail. The small, quick eyes of the serene, cocky bird look around warily. They jumping fun on their little legs, nervously fly from branch to branch, whisper something among themselves, start noisy fights.

Sparrows feed on seeds, berries, insects, destroy the enemies of the garden. I like to watch these little cheerful birds.

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Composition description of animals