Room Description composition

At home I have my own room. It is bright and spacious. Here I play, I spend time with friends, learn lessons, rest and sleep. My room is square. From the big window the daylight, the sunlight pours. It fills the whole room and creates a joyful mood. On the window are different flowers. I really like it when they blossom. I like to take care of plants, water them.

Next to the window is a desk. I teach him lessons, prepare homework. On the table there is a computer. He helps me to learn a lot of new things, and also is a great helper in school classes. There is a lamp on the table. In the evenings, when it’s getting dark in the street, I turn it on and get ready for the next school day. The lamp is on the left side, so that the light falls on the notebook.

After the table, along the wall is my small sofa. On it I sleep, and in the evening I really like to play with my friends. We gather in my room, sit on the sofa and chat about everything in the world. On the opposite side of the room is a wardrobe. It stores my things. On the shelves are textbooks, fiction, magazines. I like to read, learn something new. On the shelves in the closet are the photo albums. My friends and I like to flip through them at leisure, to look at what we were like a few years ago. In addition to photo albums, on the shelves are various souvenirs that were given to me by friends or relatives. They are all completely different, unlike one another. My cupboard is very roomy. Next to him is a piano, because I’m studying at a music school. I like to study music. In the corner of the room is a guitar. My brother plays it.

My room I really like. It is very cozy. In it I spend a considerable amount of free time, so everything in it is arranged and made for convenience and maximum comfort.

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Room Description composition