“Summer vacation” composition

Summer is the most wonderful time of the year, which kids love very much.

That flew three months of a warm, beloved summer. We again go to school, we meet with our beloved friends, we are happy to meet with teachers and start a new school year.

Of course, after a long break-up, we exchange our impressions and emotions that we received during the summer holidays. I can remember every day of my summer vacation. What I did not do and what I did.

June we spent with my parents in the work and repair of my apartment. I took part in every stage of repair. With the whole family we chose wallpaper, floor coverings, color schemes of each room. Then, gradually, following step by step, my father and mother updated my house with purchased building materials. By joint efforts and joint efforts, we finished the repairs in two weeks, after which they rewarded themselves with a well-deserved rest and went to the sea.

Two weeks of no-drinking bathing in a warm, transparent

water, gay and gambling with the ball, the construction of sand castles and towers. This is how I remember my trip to the sea.

Hot July I spent in the village with my beloved grandparents. They have a lovely house in a quiet corner, next to a forest and a river. Every day we went to the beach, on weekends, I went with my grandfather to the forest and collected berries known to us.

In order not just to rest, but to spend time with benefit, I helped my grandmother take care of the garden. Together we watered beds, tore weeds, drove pests. Our labors went to fame, and in a few weeks, I was eating a homemade strawberry, juicy raspberries, sweet strawberries.

I decided to devote August to my friends. Every day we played active games, traveled through the streets of our district, searched for treasures, buried treasures. How good that I have such friends with whom I can play any entertainment.

And now, three months of rest, and with them the summer holidays have come to an end. But, I was not upset at all, because a new, fascinating academic year is ahead of me, which will bring many new emotions, impressions and memories.

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“Summer vacation” composition