“I want” and “I want” in the history of one hobby

I once got an interesting book. It was called “Rational Reading”. Its author, Leser described in some detail the method of speed reading – “reading more quickly and thoroughly.” I looked through the book, became interested, showed my friend Igor Mateshin. He caught fire: “I want to learn how to read fast!” I replied: “I also want to, but will we?”

Without delaying the cases in a long box, we started training: we picked up different unfamiliar texts for each other, wrote questions about their content for them, checked the speed of reading each other…

After a week or two, I noticed that I got tired of doing speed reading every day. And then he became interested in the artificial language of Esperanto, he began to memorize words from this language on the sly. My training in speed reading gradually came to naught, I even stopped helping Igor in the preparation of texts. ..

And Igorek worked hard, consistently. It became much faster to read, it is better to study in many subjects, especially in those areas where one simply needs to read a lot: in literature, history, biology, and geography.

In the end, after a while I dropped Esperanto, and now I do not read very quickly, forgetting half of what I read and I do not remember Esperanto. And Igorek learns “4” and “5”, reads a hundred pages per hour!

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“I want” and “I want” in the history of one hobby