Summary “The Lap of the Eye”

The succulent grass bent over and concealed a cozy nest in which the mother of Ravoy Ushka hid it. She lightly covered it with a litter and, as always, told him to “lie still and say nothing, no matter what happens.” However, the rabbit, although laid by his mother in a cozy bed, still did not want to sleep, and his shining eyes gazed intently at the little particle of the green world spreading just above him. Jay and the red squirrel, two famous thieves, loudly scolded each other, accusing each other of stealing, and the bush under which the Ravoi Ushka house was located, for a moment, became the battleground for these two quarrelsome creatures. Then the robin caught a blue butterfly in front of the rabbit’s nose, and a red ladybug with black specks, calmly moving its knotted antennae, made a long walk up one leaf of grass and descended the other way. Further, her path was straight on the face of Ragged Ear. But he not only did not move at the same time, but did not

even blink.

(A little later he heard some strange rustle of the nearest leaf more often.) It was an amazing, continuous rustle.

[Though the rustle seemed to move closer and closer, but there was no sound of footsteps. Ragged Ushko lived his whole life in a swamp (he was only three weeks old), but he had never heard anything like it. Of course, his curiosity was strongly aroused. His mother punished him so that he lay as quietly as possible, but this was necessary only in case of danger. In a strange rustle, which was not accompanied by the sound of footsteps, there was hardly anything threatening that needed to be feared.

The rustle was heard very close to him, then turned to the right, then back and seemed to be moving away. The little rabbit already knew what he had to do. He slowly lifted his small, round ball like a ball, on his short, fluffy paws, stuck his small round head from his nest and peered into the forest. At the first movement, made by him, the rustle immediately ceased. He saw nothing and therefore stepped forward. And immediately he found himself face to face with a huge black snake.

Mama! – in a mortal fright the poor little rabbit cried when the monster rushed at him.

He strained all the strength of his tiny legs to escape, but the snake grabbed his ear with a speed of lightning and wrapped it around the calf of the helpless, small creature she had caught for dinner.

– Mama. Mama. — the poor little rabbit squeaked, at the same time

Time as a cruel monster slowly choked him with its rings.

Of course, the cry of the little creature would very soon have to be silenced forever, but then his mother rushed from the depths of the forest like an arrow. It was no longer the former, timid and helpless Molly Furry Tail, ready to run even from her own shadow. Maternal love gave her strength. The cry of her baby breathed into her courage, and… gop! – she jumped over the terrible reptile and so dexterously snapped the snake with the sharp claws of her hind legs that this snake shuddered and angrily hissed.

– Mama. – Squeaked a small rabbit.

And his mother jumped again, and even more violently and struck the hideous monster with claws until finally it let go of the victim’s ear, trying to bite the rabbit-mother. But the snake only got scraps of Molly’s wool, while in the scaly mail of the black snake the long bloody strips of Molly’s claws began to perform.

Badly had a snake. Molly has now reached her goal.

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Summary “The Lap of the Eye”