Once in the evening

One evening they phoned us. I rushed to the door, and after me the cat Marquis. In the doorway stood Aunt Valya, my mother’s sister – she came to visit us from Poltava. Mom immediately bustled around in the kitchen to treat the guest. Dad began to ask Aunt Valya about the news, and I sat down with my feet in the armchair, the Marquis jumped on me. “And why do you keep the cat in the house?” The guest shrugged, “how much trouble with him!” Dad stroked the cat and said: “It’s a favorite of the whole family! He has his own corner with a rug, he has a ball… He likes to sleep on the couch or on the windowsill, for some reason on the newspapers… And when the apartment is cool, he will get to us in bed and, curled up in a ball, sleeps in the legs. ” “I believe that cats do not have a place in the apartment, they should run in the yard,” retorted the aunt angrily.

It seemed to me that the cat understood everything

perfectly. Most likely, he felt the hostility of the guest. The Marquis jumped down from my knees, arched my back, and as if reluctantly, as if making some decision, moved toward the front door. Stopped and zamyukal. “Lesha, let the Marquise go for a walk,” my mother told me. “And do not let me come back while I’m here,” Aunt Valya shouted, either in jest or in earnest. But it happened. The marquis did not come on that day, or the next. We were worried. Papa told my mother that the Marquis was probably offended by Aunt Valya.

Three days later my guest left.

One evening it seemed to us that someone was scratching at the door. I opened it and saw on the threshold something remotely similar to our Marquis. Yes, it was him. The cat was terribly thin, it was felt that he had been in fights with domestic cats. The ear bleeds.

The marquis crossed the threshold, looked around, as if wanting to make sure that Aunt Vali was not there, and then proceeded to the kitchen, where he was always fed…

A week later the cat became a former handsome man and still, when the whole family was sitting by the TV, the Marquis was sitting on the sofa, on the fresh issue of the newspaper.

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Once in the evening