Composition “A funny incident from life”

It’s not always the stories that made you laugh heartily, can be long. A short essay on the subject “A funny case” may well take place. For example, you can take the following ideas.

“One summer, I was at home with my friend, we got bored and decided to come up with something… With Edik we found gouache and balloons in the bedside table. We did not have any malicious intent, we just wanted to decorate the bushes that grew under his balcony. To do this, we put a little water in the balls, then poured in the paint and started to throw our products through the balcony window. Edik lives on the eighth floor, so it was difficult to calculate the trajectory.

When we heard that someone was opening the front door, we immediately left the balcony. When we went out into the corridor, we nearly fell off in surprise. On the threshold stood Edik’s mother, all bathed in red paint. Oh, and we were ashamed. But thank God, his mom was with a sense of humor. When she saw in the room balls filled with strange liquid, immediately realized where her legs grow.

She did not scold us, but she told us to play games on the street, not on the balcony. Then we all laughed heartily, every time we remember that day. “

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Composition “A funny incident from life”