The composition “My cherished dream”

The composition “My cherished dream”

Every person has a dream, sometimes several. Our imagination draws them to us, not allowing to stop on reached, forcing all time to move forward. If people could not dream, the bulk of inventions would never see the world. We would have remained at the initial stage of development. And thanks to dreamers and visionaries, the human race has reached the level that we have now.

Often, when I go to bed, I dream. On different things: about distant travels, about super abilities, about how to master some unusual profession – for example, a trainer of wild animals. All these dreams are of the impossible, I realize this, but I’m still interested in dreaming.

My main dream is not to lose loved ones. I treasure my family very much and am afraid that someday a day will come and some of them will not become in my life. Such thoughts lead me to longing, and then I imagine that we will always be together.

I do not know if this can be called a dream, but I really want to get a dog. Mom says it’s too much responsibility, and that the dog needs a lot of time, but I still do not lose hope that someday I’ll have a husky puppy. These dogs are very smart and beautiful. I sometimes think that they are almost like people. Everyone understands, but can not say. Maybe when I grow up, I’ll manage it myself.

My friend told me that he dreams of becoming a captain of deep voyage. He is attracted to distant distances, sea and adventure. In my opinion, this is a very dangerous profession, and I would never have done this. But everyone has their own dreams and, probably, one day he will really get off the coast, standing on a white ship, and become a real sea wolf.

It would be desirable, of course, that all our dreams come true, but some of them should remain dreams.

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The composition “My cherished dream”