Composition about the cat

Many people love animals, wild and domestic. Each animal or bird is interesting and inimitable in its own way.

Most of all I love predatory and domestic cats. If the house could hold a tiger, he would have been with me. Therefore, instead of a predator in my room there lives a small red-haired kitten, which on my birthday was presented to me by school friends.

I called the cat Fox, and the first few days he taught him to a new home. The kitten was very clever and brought my family only joy.

Every morning he followed me on the heels of waiting for a treat. I washed myself and we went to breakfast in the kitchen. If Fox even had food in his bowl, he did not eat it until I added a new portion there. Sometimes I treated him with grandmother’s pancakes or sweet curd. The kitten always enjoyed my breakfast with pleasure. While I was going to school, Fox diligently washed his red muzzle with soft paws.

Sitting in class, I missed Fox and often painted it in

a school album. My “art” was noticed by the teacher in drawing and praised the outline. Then I decided to capture the red-haired kitten right from nature. Sitting him on the back of the couch, I set to work on the portrait. But Fox obviously was not going to sit quietly in one place. He somersaulted, jumped and ran after his tail, taking the most picturesque poses, but I, unfortunately, did not have time to draw at such a speed.

After a good reflection, I found a way out of this situation. I drew a fluffy red ball and protruding from it in different directions, paws, tail and a cunning face with a wide-spread mustache. It turned out funny and pretty beautiful.

In the classroom the teacher and the children laughed at my “creation” for a long time, but they really liked it. My drawing was hung on the exhibition of the school stand, and I even received a letter that I hung over the plush Fox house.

Of course, Fox quickly grew and became a sedate and lazy cat. But he also likes to play and adores grandmother’s pancakes.

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Composition about the cat