Composition about the dog

This essay for pupils of the 5th class in it describes an animal – a dog. The writing about the dog is written quite easily, but sometimes it can still cause difficulties, for this I decided to write an example of such an understanding and share with you.

The material is suitable for students:

But the more terrible the age of a student, the more complicated it is to be the speed of speech in his composition, therefore, before writing, one should reframe some of the sentences of this work on the dog.

The composition of the dog: My friend the bead

This dog appeared when we went to relatives. And they had puppies. Relatives offered us a puppy, whom we called Sharik. Now Sharik lives with us. It is reddish, and the tail is crocheted. His wool is thin, and his eyes are as orange as wool. He has a small growth. When I come home, he rushes at me and cheerfully wag his tail, looks at me with kind eyes.

My friend lives in a kennel. And he sleeps in the same place. He feeds on what remains of the table, but his favorite treat is a bone. Our whole family knows very well, but does not trust strangers. When someone comes to us, we hear a loud barking. Once I returned home and saw that there was no ball. And he did not respond. Then we began to look for him. We traveled all over the village, but Sharik was nowhere to be found. In the morning we arrived and heard a crack. It turned out that Sharik fell asleep in the hayloft. And we were glad that we found our pet. I really love my friend, because he is curious, cheerful and good.

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Composition about the dog