The room I would like to live in

I have my own room, but it’s quite ordinary: a standard set of furniture, ordinary striped wallpaper, nothing attracting the attention of the ceiling, the window and the creaking door. And I would like to live in some unusual room.

Even the door with all its appearance should say that we will enter now into some fairy tale. Let this door be sliding, and the door handles – in the form of small figures of some animals.

So we pushed the door open and entered the room. Overhead, we see… the starry sky! The ceiling is a black mirror surface with tiny lights in the form of stars, the brightness of which can be adjusted by a special switch – to make the stars bright as the Sun, or, conversely, dim, barely visible, like real stars.

Now let’s pay attention to the walls. They are also fabulous, fantastic: different landscapes are depicted on photo-wallpapers. On one wall we see real jungles: lianas, huge trees, monkeys, unusual flowers…

On the other wall is another picture: sand and stones, and in the distance an oasis with palm trees, more like a mirage. On the front wall, around the window, we see Russian nature: weeping willows over the river, on the hillock white birches. Let’s look around and see white ice, blue sky and penguins around the door – it looks like it’s Antarctica!

But where is the furniture? The room is completely empty. I get out of my pocket the remote control, I press the button. A bed with a water mattress appears. I touch the next button – from the floor grows a desk with a computer monitor. Pressing other buttons leads to the fact that the walls open the doors of the built-in wardrobe, bookshelves. I’ll try to click on this green button. Click! There’s nothing in the room again.

The window is a solid glass. There are no pens or pans. But all this will necessarily appear after pressing the appropriate buttons on the magic remote!

I would love to live in such a wonderful room!

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The room I would like to live in