Composition “Winter Forest” description

Beasts are sleeping in underground holes and dens, many of them are hibernating until the spring. The insects also hid, for them it is too cold now. Most of the birds left this region, flying south. They will return with the warmth. But foxes and wolves do not sleep or hide, they are not afraid of winter. Their main prey is hares, but they too were well prepared, having replaced a noticeable gray fur coat on white. Now they are almost invisible in the snow.

The winter forest is covered with snow drifts. Only dark barrels can be seen around, sometimes the green branches of the Christmas trees are visible. All the rest is reliably hidden by a white veil. On sunny days in the forest everything sparkles, as if scattering precious stones.

Unlike the city, in the forest the snow does not become dirty, it remains clean throughout the winter. After all, there are no cars and industrial pipes. However, if you look carefully, on the snow-white carpet are marked small steps – these are animal tracks.

If you’re lucky, you can meet winter birds in the forest, which live in the middle zone: waxwings, bullfinches, and claws. Usually they feed on fir cones or frozen berries. Even in the cold season, forest life does not freeze.

Nobody breaks the silence and tranquility of the winter forest. Only sometimes on weekends there are amateurs to lay a trail on forest paths. Quiet here, only the branches of the frozen trees occasionally crackle from the frost. Yes, the crunch of snow under your feet during a walk breaks the silence of the winter forest. Although in winter, of course, it’s difficult to pass here – you fall into the snowdrifts to the knees, or even to the waist.

Whatever one may say, but the winter forest is beautiful, it sleeps until spring, creating a peaceful, sparkling atmosphere within itself.

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Composition “Winter Forest” description