“My favorite room” composition

We live in a big beautiful house. It has five rooms and a kitchen with a dining room. Each room we have is unusual, it corresponds to the image, style and desires of its master. With us in the house live a grandmother and grandfather, they have a separate room. My grandmother likes to sew and knit, so in their room much is done by her hands. Parents also have their own room, and everything is decorated for their taste. And the pope has a separate study. My room is cozy and beautiful, warm and calm in it, it is a bit like a fairy tale. Friends like me like to come to me, and we communicate with them in this room. I like to fall asleep in the evening – I have interesting colorful dreams. But there is one room, which is very fond of the whole family. This is our living room.

It is called so not accidentally – it is here that we receive guests, hold family meetings and celebrate the holidays. But not only is this room noteworthy. Our whole family loves to gather here to

talk, listen to music, watch TV. In the middle of the room, opposite the fireplace, made in an antique style, there is a large soft sofa and two deep armchairs. So nice, sitting down on the couch, to drink a cup of fragrant tea with cakes and rolls, which we always have in our house! And when it’s cold and rainy outside the window, I (and not only me) like to sit in a chair, wrapped up in a warm blanket, and read your favorite book or watch an interesting film. Our dad recently bought new columns to the TV, watching them is much better and more interesting – as if in a movie theater. This impression is created due to surround stereo sound. So I have already reconsidered all the tapes that we have in the house. The impression is absolutely unforgettable!

The living room is really a common room, because each of us contributed to its arrangement. All equipment – modern and stylish – was bought by the Pope, he is better than everyone knows about these things. Therefore, the TV and VCR, as well as the music center are chosen according to its taste. And grandfather – he is a master at all

hands – made a nice shelf-locker and for cassettes and disks, Honestly, before that they were in complete disarray, even in a special box.

Mom made the living room really cozy: soft, translucent curtains, crystal vases, in which almost always lie fruits and sweets; embroidered pictures on the walls – all this is her merit. And my mother also spread flowers with a large tablecloth and a lot of small napkins. When we cover this table with a tablecloth on our holiday, our living room is transformed, becoming luxurious and bright. My grandmother is very fond of flowers. Therefore, she constantly updates charming bouquets and ikebans, which she places in the most unexpected places – on the closet, walls and even on the floor. Contributed to the arrangement of the room and I – placed on the shelves all kinds of figures and souvenirs (I had a great many – donated by friends or bought for nothing). In our favorite living room there is always a pleasant, warm atmosphere. The whole family gathers here in the evenings or on weekends to discuss something, share their impressions, just talk. But not only we are pleased to be in the living room. He, who comes to visit us, say that it’s so cozy here that you do not want to leave. And my father often repeats that only here can really relax and relax after a hard day’s work. And even our cat Timoshka always strives to get settled in an armchair near the fireplace, other rooms are not interesting to him.

There is such a wonderful room in our house. It looks light and cozy, inviting to sit down to rest on a soft sofa and tell or listen to some new story.

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“My favorite room” composition