Composition about parents

Composition about parents

How close my parents were in the spirit, the essay about which was presented to the readers’ court, surprised not only close relatives, but also numerous neighbors and acquaintances who swept through the kaleidoscope in the cycle of our life. On the example of parents, we learned to understand and care for each other, respect the natural world and honor the memory of our ancestors.

My dad chose the profession of a builder. Moving after him across the country, my family. where only I have not been. Dad built new cities, bridges and mega plants, and we changed addresses, schools and friends. My parents lived very amicably and were for us an excellent example of perseverance and overcoming life’s difficulties.

In the mornings, my mom woke up a dad and all of us with

an easy kiss. In a small kitchen, a freshly baked pie or lavish pancakes already smelled, our hot cocoa with milk and strong coffee for my dad. When we left for school, my mother was engaged in housekeeping and needlework. All our school friends envied our knitted scarves, hats and sweaters. so skilfully they were woven from filigree threads.

The connection between man and nature was sung by unique patterns in Mama’s embroidery. There were funny animals, and strange flowers, and picturesque landscapes. In each new school there was an exhibition of mother’s work, which, as a rule, was admired by all, without exception, adults and children.

We were very happy if Dad suddenly managed to take a few days off during our holidays. My family loved to travel, therefore, quickly collecting hiking backpacks, we immediately went to nature. Forest, lake, mountains or seashore – it was not so important. The main thing is that together we breathed the same air, admired only the landscapes, and our hearts fought in unison.

My parents raised us in love, peace and harmony. They taught human kindness. strength of spirit and strength of will in achieving life goals.

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Composition about parents