Maps of continents and oceans

1. What are the features of each of the groups of cards?

Each group of cards has its own peculiarities. World maps and maps of the hemispheres, on which the whole world is depicted, are small-scale maps, the content of which is given in a generalized form. Maps of individual continents, oceans and their parts are larger in scale than world ones, but smaller than maps of states and their parts. Here it is important to understand this pattern: the smaller the territory depicted on the map, the larger the scale and more details in the mapping of geographical objects located on this territory.

2. What are the signs of dividing the maps in the textbook?

The main features that can also be used as a basis for the division of geographical maps are the scale and their content.

The scale of large-scale maps makes it possible to prepare more detailed maps in comparison with medium-scale maps, and even more so with small-scale maps.

Compare the scales 1: 50000;

1: 500,000; 1: 5,000,000 and translate them into named. Undoubtedly, if on our map 1 cm corresponds to 500 m on the terrain, then it is possible to depict the territory in more detail than on a map, 1 cm of which corresponds to 50 km on the terrain.

In terms of content, the maps are divided into general geographic maps, which include physical and topographic maps, and thematic ones, which differ from general geographic themes by depicting strictly defined themes. If one map shows soils, flora and fauna, roads and settlements, then such a map is called integrated.

3. What differences in scale exist in the small-scale chart group? Confirm your answer with examples.

To answer this question, you need to find a map in the textbook, a map in the atlas and look at the wall map in the geography cabinet. The scale of the map in the textbook is 1: 35,000,000, and in the atlas -1: 80,000,000; Wall map -1: 5,000,000.

For training, translate these scales into named ones and give examples of maps of different scale from the school atlas.

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Maps of continents and oceans