Composition on the theme: “Spring has come”

Spring – this is the time of year, which everyone expects, tired of the winter. Spring is often called the long-awaited. The first signs of spring, sometimes, appear in winter, in February: the sun will shine a little more hard – and icicles begin to melt, a merry drop rings, recalling the approach of spring. After that, they can still hit frosts, it may snow, but everyone understands: spring is about to come, will please with its warmth.

So spring came. The sun begins to appear in the sky more often, the sky becomes brighter, denser blue, the snow melts and the streams run. The earth is still cold, too raw and naked, and through the remnants of snow the very first flowers are pierced, which they call: snowdrops.

Spring came! In the forest, the animation begins: the animals wake up from the hibernation, they return after the wintering of the bird. Everyone is busy with the steaming and arrangement of cozy nests and minks, everyone is preparing for the breeding of offspring, this requires reliable houses.

The onset of spring is the awakening of nature, the beginning of the active life of nature. Quickly swell and burst buds, from which appear gently-green leaves, and then they grow with unimaginable speed. For a week the trees are completely covered with foliage, which gently rustles on the spring breeze. Everywhere life is felt.

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Composition on the theme: “Spring has come”