The house of my dream composition

The main thing in my dream house is beauty and convenience. That’s how I imagine my future home. I dream of living in a private house somewhere on the quiet outskirts of the city. I will have a one-storey house with all modern amenities and a beautiful garden. There will be a kitchen, a bathroom, a vestibule, a living room, two bedrooms and an office where I can work.

In the living room of my dream house there will be a sofa, two armchairs, a TV and a stereo system. On the floor will lie a nice soft carpet of light color. The walls will be covered with light wallpaper, so that the room feels spacious. A large chandelier will light up the room.

In the office I would like to have a table with a lot of boxes and a comfortable chair. On the walls there will be shelves for books and souvenirs. A laptop with internet is required to make it an ideal workplace. Also, I would like to rest in the office, so there will be a small sofa in the corner. I like the paintings, so I’ll probably hang some with beautiful landscapes on the wall. To make the office cozy, I will put flowers on the windowsill.

I want my kitchen to have all the necessary equipment – a stove, a refrigerator, a mixer. I like it when cabinets do not take up much space and are beautiful in design.

Many beautiful plants and flowers will decorate the lawn in front of the houses, and many useful fruit trees will grow in the garden behind it.

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The house of my dream composition