Composition about pets

I always asked permission from my parents to get a dog or a cat in the house, but they did not want to agree. And once they gave me themselves. hamster. I was very surprised at this gift, because I did not know anything about these little animals. I had to go to the library to quickly learn about hamsters all: what they eat, how they live, what they love. We bought our hamster a cage with many different devices for feeding and entertainment. The hamster immediately began to settle in his new home, and I – to come up with a suitable name for him.

The hamster is big, well-fed. His wool is stiff, ry – the – brown, his ears sharp, pink, black eyes – beads. On the little hamster’s paws, all are clearly visible

Five fingers. Fingers are tiny, mobile. And it would be more correct to call the paws of hamsters hands – they are so skillful. It is very interesting to watch the animal dine. First he pushes a good amount of supplies for a rainy day on the cheeks, then drags them into his secret pantry in the house. And only then he sits down to dinner. Eats hamster neatly, quickly and with concentration, deftly helping himself with small paws. And after lunch, he gets into a secluded place to sleep. He sleeps sweetly and hard and even snorts in his sleep.

I looked at him, looked and decided that I should call him Borka. My parents agreed with me.

We love to watch our Borka: how he eats, how he sleeps. But it’s especially fun to watch the hamster play: he runs around his little house, high stairs, turns a small drum and rings with bells.

I am very pleased with my pet.

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Composition about pets