The Painting Savrasov “Elk Island in Sokolniki”

To the famous and very beautiful landscapes of Alexei Savrasov is the painting “Elk Island in Sokolniki”. It was this reproduction that the author summed up one of the periods of creativity. It was at that time that he very organically combined the romantic mood with elements of symbolism and even realism. The painting was written in 1869, and in 1870 she already received a prize at the competition of the Moscow Society of Art Lovers. Also this canvas replenished the collection of PM Tretyakov.

The canvas “Elk Island in Sokolniki” is a beautiful corner of nature in the vicinity of Moscow. The author depicted an ordinary sunny day. The sky is slightly covered with clouds, but the rays of the sun brightly illuminate the clearing. It grazes several cows. In the background, a thick thicket of forest is visible. The pines are already very tall and old. They like the guards keep the rest of the herd. In the foreground is a small pond, which in time has already been covered with marsh grass. The author beautifully and subtly depicted the details that looking at the water and its reflection of the sun’s rays, it seems as if it is a mirror in a beautiful natural setting.

It would seem that the usual rural landscape, but the author is so delicately drawn every moment that the whole picture seems some mysterious and romantic. Colors are chosen very realistically, and even dark shades in the rays of the sun seem bright and cheerful. Very carefully outlined every element, trees, grass, bushes. The author paints the nature, he admires it and creates whole poetry.

Looking at the picture, in the shower some warmth and comfort awakens. And even the dark, large, dense pines do not cause any fear. With his work, Alexei Savrov wants to show us beauty in the ordinary world. It’s all around us. It should not be looked for, it should be admired.

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The Painting Savrasov “Elk Island in Sokolniki”