The Painting by Van Gogh “Starry Night”

In this famous painting the great power of the artist, his special perception of the surrounding world and the unique individual manner of writing are demonstrated.

No artist painted the night sky with such enthusiasm and trepidation before the incomprehensibility of the universe. The sky, the stars, the moon move in a certain undulating rhythm. First of all, the canvas conveys the unreal feelings and emotions that overflow the artist, it is written not spontaneously, although carefully arranged. The trees depicted on it decorate the starry distance and balance the composition.

These huge stars, surrounded by halos of flickering light, create a sense of movement in the bottomless depths of the cosmos. In the right-hand corner of the picture, a crescent moon pulsates. It radiates so much light that it resembles a small sun. The tongues of flame are drawn towards the sky by cypresses. The dark color somewhat lands them, so the feeling of the movement of the stars does not

overload the picture itself. Spiral curls of light sweep through the sky, creating a unique image of the Galaxy.

Vincent writes his “Starry Night” with bright yellow, green and blue colors. It captures the pale colors that unfold in the darkness of the night and blend in with each other: the bluish-green sky, the azure surface of the river, the dark purple beaches. The night city in the light of golden rays casts a bronze and greenish shade. On the blue sky, the Big Dipper flickers. The delicate pallor of green and yellow colors contrasts well with the light of night lights.

“Starry Night” was written in the autumn of 1889, when the artist was already seriously ill and was in a French hospital. To make his story even more complete and complete, he goes out at night to the street and draws a fairy-tale starry sky. But for some reason its sky resembles a huge cyclone, dragging the master into a bottomless abyss, and the big stars turn into burning, bright points in the eyes…

Of course, we can perceive this canvas as a manifestation of hallucinations of a sick artist. After all, we can not understand the world in which great geniuses live.

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The Painting by Van Gogh “Starry Night”