Painting by I. I. Shishkin “Rain in the Oak Forest”

In the last lesson, a teacher in Russian brought us a very interesting album with reproductions of outstanding Russian landscape painters of the XIX century. She suggested choosing one of the most liked works and writing an essay on it.

The most impressive impression on me was made by I. Shishkin’s painting “Rain in the Oak Forest”. A good knowledge of nature, the ability to see and hear the beautiful in every moment of life and the skill of the painter helped Shishkin write this wonderful picture.

Considering the landscape, each cell feels the freshness and spaciousness of the oak forest. The mighty tall oaks draw their branches upward, towards the sky and the sun. They are not at all cramped: there is enough space around each tree to make themselves feel well and colorful forest flowers, and very young teenage teenagers.

There is an easy summer rain. From the warmed-for-the-day land, a clear haze-mist rises, which makes the forest mysterious and

mysterious. In the distance, the trees melt in a white airy veil, as in milk. Therefore, there is an irresistible desire to know: what is there further, behind the turn of the forest road, which, like a thrifty mistress, collects raindrops into broad shiny puddles, where oaks, sky, and people walking along the road are reflected.

People we see from the back – probably the rain caught them during a walk, and they turned back. Closer to us is a man and a woman. They are well dressed, they are covered by a wide black umbrella from the rain. However, it does not seem that these people are eager to get out of the forest as soon as possible, they are calm, leisurely choose dry places on the road where you can go. Of course, it is unpleasant that the legs and the bottom of the cloak are soaked, but there is such beauty around! It seems that a quiet and refreshed forest watches over them, rejoicing at their tranquility.

A very different impression is made by the person who is ahead. He does not have an umbrella, and he walks, right through the puddles, his hands in his pockets and his head in the shoulders.

He stoops, he is uncomfortable with dampness, he must have been completely wet. Well, fresh and cool do not like everyone.

Despite the rain, the forest is light and festive. Oaks seem to be the strings of some fantastic instrument, on which the rain-musician plays soft melodies.

Shishkin wrote that “a picture from nature should be without imagination” and that “nature should write in all its simplicity.” And he was able to give this “simplicity” in such a way that it became self-sufficient, complete: there is not a single detail in the picture, and all the separate parts are in close interaction.

As alive, there is a forest in front of us in the picture. The artist suffered us more than a century and a half ago, but you do not notice it right away. And I very much want to find a road in the middle of the oaks among the oaks and walk along it, meet people caught in the rain, and ask them not to run away, not to hurry, but to look around and appreciate the splendor of Russian nature in all its conditions: joy, sorrow, anger. ..

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Painting by I. I. Shishkin “Rain in the Oak Forest”