Gerasimov’s work “After the Rain”

I look at the picture of A. M. Gerasimov “After the rain”. All that I see, I need to describe in the composition. I’ll start with the plot of the picture. Before our eyes there is a small terrace after the rain. The artist chose objects of his canvas: a table, a jug of flowers, part of a terrace with handrails, and depicted them against the background of nature.

It just rained. We see spilled small puddles on the bench and the floor of the terrace. Everything is reflected in the gloss of the wet surface. On the table lies an overturned faceted glass. Apparently, the rain was very strong, if left behind so many “tracks”.

The terrace itself is not completely visible to us. Vertical supports hold the roof (we see only its angle), the wooden platform has steps to exit into the garden. A narrow bench ends with uncomplicated handrails. On such a terrace it is nice to sit in the evening and enjoy the scents of nature. Or you can get together with

a family and have a cup of tea.

On the left is a table with carved legs. The figured cover of the table is also covered with raindrops. And on the table is a glass jug of flowers. A bouquet of beautiful flowers also felt the power of rain. Some of the petals fell and lay in the water that accumulated on the edge of the table. Or maybe the wind dropped the pitcher and dispelled the tender petals? The flowers are painted white and red, somewhere they have shades of pink and tender green. The leaves are very dark and saturated green. The bouquet, probably, was collected only until the rain, to decorate the table. But suddenly there was a downpour, and the bouquet remained on the terrace.

In the background of the picture we see a part of the garden. All its greenery is full of different shades. Somewhere it is very bright, bright, even turning into a green color, and somewhere dark green, juicy, having a hue of emerald and even blue flowers. There are a lot of trees in the garden. In the direction of a wooden building can be seen, maybe it’s a small barn or a small bath. On its roof there is a pipe.


the right, in the picture behind the thick foliage, we see the corner of the house, to which the terrace adjoins. A. Gerasimov used an interesting technique of the image. All items have a blurry outline. There are no clear lines. The technique of a diffuse smear makes the picture interesting. If you look closely, you can see instead of the leaves on the tree just an unclear brush stroke. As if the artist did not try to outline all the elements as they look, and left on the canvas the fuzzy spots of the right colors. The flowers in the pitcher are also depicted, and part of the terrace, and a piece of sky that shines through the thick foliage. Here, colors blend well. They combine with each other, forming a new shade.

The picture on creates a good mood. After the rain it becomes light and joyful, nature is renewed, everything is fresh. No sad thoughts, only positive emotions!

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Gerasimov’s work “After the Rain”