Composition on Shishkin’s painting “Forest Distances”

Ilya Shishkin’s canvas “Forest Distances”, written in 1884, refers to the period of the artist’s life, when his talent unfolded with all its depth and power. Being in a depressed state after the recent death of his beloved wife, the painter draws strength from nature and devotes himself entirely to work. The painting “Forest Distances” sings the beauty of the nature of the Urals.

This picture is incredible in terms of the scope of the depicted space. Before the viewer, who seems to be standing on a hill, an endless panorama of forests unfolds. The forests sink in the bluish haze of the morning mist. And somewhere near the horizon you can see the low mountain ranges covered with coniferous forests. They tell the picture majesty, dimensionality, breadth.

In the center all the compositions are a small mountain lake. Its mirror-smooth surface sparkles, reflecting the blue sky with light clouds running along it. This bright spot in the picture as if emphasizes the radiance and charm of earthly nature. Thanks to this glare of light in the center of the picture and a slow alternation of the subtlest nuances of color and light, the ordinary plot turns into a magical, enchanting panorama with its charm.

Epic nature of the canvas is attached not only by the plot itself, but also by individual expressive details. Here, slightly swaying, as if talking to the outside world, there is a lonely pine. And in the vast expanse of the sky, among the noctilucent clouds, a lone bird soars. Its rapid flight complements the proud splendor of the landscape.

The picture “Forest Distances” with all the intelligibility of the plot is distinguished by virtuosic technique of performance and convincing images. This picture – as a symbol of Russia itself, a true hymn to its majestic and unique beauty and power.

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Composition on Shishkin’s painting “Forest Distances”