Composition of rain

The weather began to spoil after lunch, most likely, it will rain. Dark clouds are slowly coming from the east. But the wind increases, and in twenty minutes they close the sun. Begin to drip cold drops, with each second they become more and more. Rain is coming.

People rejoice in the rain after hot summer days. But now closer to the autumn, when it’s already cold, the rain does not bring so much joy, rather a turn, a little distressing.

Rain brings dampness, especially it is unpleasant when it’s cold. It would soon have ended a cold rain. So I want to warm up by the warm fireplace.

The east wind chased away the clouds with cold rain. Finally the sun came out, so warm and affectionate. However, for a long time it did not have to shine, the wind again drove clouds that again brought with them a cold rain.

Yes, a person can not change the weather, he does not control much, he is not the king of nature and never will be.

But after the rain will necessarily be the sun, the main thing is to be patient and wait. Everything should be in moderation, rain and sun, winter and summer. spring and autumn.

Why, why does the rain drip in the puddles!

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Composition of rain