Painting by Makovsky “From the Rain”

Makovsky Vladimir Egorovich – Russian painter, who was a master of everyday genre. In his paintings he reflected the ordinary reality of the Russian people, wrote about what he saw daily in the streets and in houses. One of these paintings is his canvas “From the Rain”, written in the best traditions of realism.

In this picture, viewers see ordinary peasant children who walk around a small stream. Apparently, they decided to swim there, frolic in the sun, play with each other. They all came to the bank of the river with their friendly company, so that they would not be disturbed by adults, and they could remain alone with their children’s secrets.

The guys relaxed restlessly and, for sure, like all of us in our early childhood, did not look at the time and the sky at all. Meanwhile, the sky was tightened by dense gray clouds – harbingers of an approaching thunderstorm. Certainly the wind blew, maybe even a few rain drops fell, which alarmed

the boys and drove them home. They want to get to a warm and cozy house as soon as possible to watch the torrential rain from there. The four guys have already dressed after bathing in the river, and running run away from the shore. But the youngest of them was very frightened of the gloomy sky and turned to the elders, as if asking for protection from the elements.

And quite differently met the change in the weather, three more guys who are not afraid of storms and thunderstorms, they want to stay on the beach and take a walk. Therefore, one of them only slowly dresses, the second examines a pebble that he picked up from the ground, and the third one, completely naked, sits on the bank of the river and looks into the distance. After all, around such a beauty – green fields, a gentle river that will soon be covered with ripples from the wind, here and there are trees waiting for the long-awaited rainstorm that will wash their leaves and, most importantly, an endless gray sky that inspires awe in their children’s hearts!

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Painting by Makovsky “From the Rain”