Biography of Ivan Shishkin

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin – a great Russian artist, academician.

Ivan was born in the city of Elabuga in Vyatka province on January 25, 1832 in a merchant family. The first education in Shishkin’s biography was received at the Kazan Gymnasium. After studying there for 4 years, Shishkin entered the School of Painting in Moscow.

After graduation in 1856, Ivan Shishkin’s biography was continued at the Academy of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg. Within the walls of this institution, the artist received knowledge from 1856 to 1865. In addition to academic drawing Shishkin honed his skills outside the Academy, in the picturesque places of the suburbs of Petersburg.

In 1860 in the biography of the artist Shishkin was received an important award – a gold medal of the Academy. Before that, he received a number of other, less important awards. Having the opportunity to travel, Shishkin went to Germany, to Munich. Then – to Switzerland, in Zurich. Everywhere Shishkin was engaged in the workshops of famous artists. For the painting “View in the vicinity of Dusseldorf” received the title of academician.

In 1866, Ivan Shishkin’s biography hosted a return to St. Petersburg. Traveling around Russia, Shishkin then presented his paintings at exhibitions. He painted many pictures of a pine forest, among the most famous are “Morning in the Pine Forest,” “Creek in the Woods,” “The Preserve, Pine Forest,” “Pine Forest,” “Fog in the Pine Forest.” In addition, the artist showed his paintings in the Association of traveling exhibitions. Shishkin was also a member of the circle of aquafortists. In 1873, Mr.. received the title of professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, was briefly the head of the training workshop.

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Biography of Ivan Shishkin