Painting by Shishkin “Pines illuminated by the sun”

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin – one of the most famous Russian landscape painters of the XIX century. He created magnificent paintings depicting forests, meadows, fields. The strength of this painter is in a true realistic image. You can say that he created portraits of trees, so precisely they are depicted on his canvases.

Each tree has its own individuality, unlike the other. The paintings are so accurate that they could replace the pictures. No wonder everyone said that Shishkin – a great draftsman. This means that the image in the picture exactly corresponds to reality. Ivan Ivanovich especially liked coniferous forests, he liked the straight trunks of the pines, the structure of the bark and the way the sun makes its way through the needles, illuminating the poor vegetation on earth.

Another important point always interested Shishkin – the light. A sunbeam breaking through a forest thicket, a light stream pouring into an open lawn in the forest –

these motifs are present in his landscapes very often. Passing the game of light and shadow is a difficult task, but this master has always succeeded.

Let’s look at the picture of Ivan Shishkin “Pines, illuminated by the sun.” She is not as well known as others, but fully speaks of his skill. Already the name of the picture says that it reflects the artist’s favorite motifs: forest, trees, light. On the canvas is a fragment of a pine forest or boron. The trees grow quite rarely in it, and the sun easily penetrates the coniferous crowns.

We look at the pines from the same point where the artist stood. We can clearly see the powerful trunks of two trees, especially the pine that is closer to us, in the foreground of the picture. But we do not see the tops. The artist “brought” the trunks so much that the tops of trees simply did not fit on the canvas. So he conveyed the power and grandeur of perennial trees that do not fit within the framework of the canvas.

Shadow and light – their game helps convey the atmosphere of a dry, sunny summer day. We see two shadows

on the ground light, which is formed by the crowns of the pines, and dark, it is thrown to the ground by the trunks. Near almost “illuminated” area, lit by the sun. The sun also plays on powerful smooth trunks. The author chose for the picture soft, faded colors, and the picture was very impressive, festive. This is the strength and secret of this artist.

Pine trees act as heroes of the work, as real living characters. Looking at these two pines, we could easily compose a fairy tale about them, their characters, conversations, dreams. It’s amazing that the feeling of fairy-tale originates from a picture that depicts the forest absolutely realistically, without embellishing or changing anything. So I saw the native nature of Shishkin – impressive, unique, fabulous.

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Painting by Shishkin “Pines illuminated by the sun”