Composition on Shishkin’s painting “Winter”

The landscape of the great Russian painter I. I. Shishkin “Winter” shows us a deep sleepy stupor of the winter forest. Frozen trees seemed to have petrified, everything froze until the spring, almost complete silence reigned. The tranquility of the forest is deep and serene.

On the front, detailed outline of the picture, we can see the centenary of the giant pine. Their trunks are dark, rough; they stand out prominently on a white snowy background. These pines stand majestically and calmly, on their branches lies, fluffy snow, not moving. They are strong and enduring, but the trees are less bent from the weight of the snow caps to the ground. A few trees could not even stand it and fell – either under a snow load, or during a violent storm or a blizzard.

We see that a bird has sat on one of the pine branches, but it also seems to be still, as if made of crystal. Probably, the bird is cold in this winter forest, it fluffed feathers and froze, trying at

least a little warm.

A little behind, on the right side of the landscape, there is a thicket shrouded in shadow, and the entire front part of the canvas is full of light. The miserable rays of the winter sun and dazzling white drifts soften the severity of the picture, fill it with joy and tranquility. I. Shishkin very subtly transferred different shades of whiteness: from the lightest tones to the tones of muffled, bluish and even almost gray.

There is a clearing in the forest, beyond which the open space is guessed – probably this field or meadow, also covered with an untouched cold veil. There is even more light; The snowy expanse is filled with the sun and seems to be endless. So you want to quickly get out of there as if forever enchanted by someone’s forest. But still this forest is alive, in it every now and then there is an inconspicuous movement: then the snow will fall weightlessly from the top of the tree, then the branch twinkle slightly, then sprinkle pine needles and bird.

Like in all of his canvases, here I. I. Shishkin with great love passed on the low-key beauty of the nature of Russia.

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Composition on Shishkin’s painting “Winter”