Painting Shishkia “Morning in the Pine Forest”

“Morning in the Pine Forest” – one of the most famous paintings of the great Russian artist Ivan Shishkin, which he wrote in 1889.

The canvas depicts a dense forest thicket at dawn, awakening from sleep. The sun has only gilded the tops of old pines, and the fog still hangs in the ravine. The master was amazingly able to convey the state of nature.

Forest inhabitants – a bear with their cubs – have already woken up and began to frolic on the large trunk of a fallen tree, which, apparently, was turned out of the earth by a hurricane along with the root. The trunk is broken in half, and its top is thrown across a ravine. It can be seen that the cubs are full and cheerful. But there are only two cubs on the log, the third one was staring deep into the forest – perhaps in a blue mist or in the early sun. They play, and my mother closely follows their pranks, guarding and protecting their kids-restless, because in the forest there are many dangers.

The fact that this place is deaf and far from human settlements says how freely the bear family feels here, and also the mighty pines growing around.

The picture is very positive, it is written in warm colors, a lot of green. The artist was able to create a sense of admiration for the pristine, wild nature of his native land. It immerses the viewer into the atmosphere of a fresh forest morning, you can hear bird voices and a funny roar bear cubs, and if you try, you can smell the needles. This is all possible thanks to the talent of the great landscape painter.

When I looked at this picture, she first caused me joy and lift, and then a slight sadness because I thought about how many wild animals live in captivity when their place is in the wild. Looking at this canvas, you can once again see how harmoniously they look in their natural habitat.

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Painting Shishkia “Morning in the Pine Forest”