Rain writing

Finally it began to rain. how nice to feel his warm drops. Nature was waiting. Many days there was a hot weather, which exhausted all life around. And now, finally, the long-awaited rain.

The first drops began to drip onto the dry grass, and it began to rise and turn green. The grass absorbs the living moisture and accumulates strength.

Summer rain gaily knocks on the roof. He is getting stronger and now there has been a downpour. So strong that you can hardly see anything. Oh, how fresh! How wonderful that it finally started to rain.

Ten minutes later the downpour starts to subside. Droplets are falling less and less often to the ground. Rain stopped. Everything around just jubilant. The trees straightened their branches, the birds gurgled happily, the wild flowers raised their heads.

The rain passed and filled everything around with life. In the east a rainbow appeared, so bright and beautiful. But there’s one more over her, but not so bright. And a little higher, if ate, there is a third arc visible.

It’s great that it rained. It became easier to breathe. And how nice to walk on warm puddles. Already a few guys are running around on them.

The clouds parted, the sun appeared and everything glittered, shone with millions of diamonds. It’s good that it rained and brought joy.

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Rain writing