Painting by Shishkin “Park in Pavlovsk”

How can you imagine Shishkin without nature? Absolutely nothing, because she is his muse, she is his life, she is his child. Drawing landscapes, the author leaves in the world of silence and balance, some cosmic balance. As if everything he tells the viewer in his paintings, it’s simplicity and charm in what surrounds us. Landscapes – his profile, he lives by sharing what he saw about what he felt when he wrote the canvases.

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin is a great Russian landscape painter. His hand has written so many canvases, and each one is special and not like all the previous ones, even if they are all about nature.

On the canvas is a small river, over which bent huge and powerful branches of trees, covering its waters from light and sun. The picture seems to breathe peace and quiet, all in idyll and harmony. And the high sky so complements the image of the boundless world that it seems as if everything in a single moment has stopped and enabled the artist

to capture everything exactly as Mother Nature wants. The trees in the park seemed to part ways, giving Shishkin the opportunity to look deeper into the soul of the forest.

The first is the water flow into the eyes, although it is not exactly flowing, because the waters are quiet and calm, full of serenity and expectation. And the river does not even breeze a breeze, which shakes the leaves of the branches that have descended to the water. Seeing their reflection in the water, the trees, as if specially, rock slightly, as if they want to examine themselves from all sides.

The picture seems to represent a transition to the deep autumn, because only the part of the canvas is illuminated by the light of the sun and the warmth, the rest, on the contrary, becomes darker and the colors are colder. As if the park is preparing to fall asleep, to give the last leaves to the wind, which is about to come. Warming with the last rays of the sun, the birch tree, admiring the reflection of the black water of the river, tries to lean as low as possible.

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Painting by Shishkin “Park in Pavlovsk”