Painting by Shishkin “Forest Wilderness”

In his work Shishkin preferred clarity, noon, bright sunlight, summer, fullness of life – Pine Forest. Mastwood in the Vyatka province (1872), Rye (1878), Among the valley level (1883), Forest distances (1884) and others.

However, there is Shishkin and the forest dark thicket, causing the viewer some trepidation, as if he was actually alone in this eerie place for a man – Forest Wilderness (1872). For this painting in 1973, I. I. Shishkin received the title of professor.

As a real forest, this landscape opens up to the viewer not at once. Full of details, it is designed for a long review: suddenly you suddenly notice a fox and a duck flying away from it. For the illusory depiction of details Shishkin is often reproached.

Even many artists found his paintings not picturesque, called his paintings painted pattern. Nevertheless, his paintings, for all their details, always give a holistic image. And this is the image of the world that Shishkin can not “lubricate” with arbitrary movements of his own soul. In this sense, it is far from being born in the 1880s. in Russian painting “landscape of mood.”

“Perhaps this northern” dense forest “itself sets the soul less toward a lyrical impulse than the sea, perhaps infinitely rich and diverse in its details, it beckons under the shadow of its branches to a healthy, calm contemplation of its secrets, that its personality the contemplator gradually disappears, and only the nature of the forest embraces the artist “

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Painting by Shishkin “Forest Wilderness”