Painting by I. I. Shishkin “Morning in the Pine Forest”

I. I. Shishkin was called “forest hero”, “king of the forest”. He, indeed, can be called a “servant of the tree cult”. The artist saw in the forest an infinite variety of forms, the embodiment of the immortality of nature, the expression of the feeling of the homeland.

A huge impression was made on me by I. Shishkin’s painting Morning in a Pine Forest. I see a dense forest in front of me. Century pine trees are pinned up by the peaks in the sky. It is often dark and cool. Early in the morning a huge bear of three cubs led to a forest glade. The kids climbed onto a pine-tree-torn pine tree and froliced ​​fun. Mother is on her guard. At the slightest danger, she will give a signal, and the family will hide in more often. The canvas is dynamic, the animals depicted on it seem to be moving, the wind moves the needles in the trees.

The painting is written by the hand of a talented painter and speaks of his great love for nature, which was for him a muse. Showing its diversity and uniqueness, Shishkin himself created a miracle. It is embodied in his canvases and causes a rush of tenderness.

This picture is a rare example of cooperation between two artists. Under Shishkin’s signature, a trail follows from the erased signature of K. Savitsky below: he wrote the bears on this canvas.

“Morning in the Pine Forest” – one of the most famous Russian paintings created in the XIX century. As a true work of art, it attracts people’s attention, does not leave them indifferent.

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Painting by I. I. Shishkin “Morning in the Pine Forest”