“I love to cook” composition

I really love my mommy. Therefore, I try not only to study well to please her with good grades, but also to help her around the house. Therefore, I try to keep my room clean and tidy, and after meals I always wash my dishes.

I really like doing household chores. But most of all I like to help my mother cook. After all, our kitchen is the real center of the house, where warmth and comfort always reign. And one day, my mother called me to help her cook the cake. Earlier, I helped her cut salad, make sandwiches, peel potatoes, but it was easy cooking dishes, and I wanted to help my mother cook a real culinary masterpiece.

So when my mother told me to put on an apron and join her to make a sweet cake, I was very happy. First, my mother and I sifted the flour, which at the same time was scattered a thin layer around the table, and then eggs were added to it, separating the protein from the yolk. There was added sugar, a little salt, a little milk and all this was thoroughly mixed. Initially, I could not do anything, so my mother showed me how and what to do, and at the end I was already kneading the dough on my own.

Then we divided all the dough into three pieces to get three cakes. All the dough, my mother and I laid out on three molds and put baked in the oven. While the dough was baked, we opened a jar of sweet-sweet condensed milk, which I immediately tasted. And now the cakes are ready – they are airy, ruddy and mouth-watering. My mother and I waited a bit until they cooled down, and then each of them was greased with condensed milk and put the cakes on each other. I already spread the upper cake myself with condensed milk, and at the edges decorated it with succulent berries of strawberries, which gave it a festive look.

When we whole family ate this cake, I felt pride, because I also helped to prepare this delicious treat.

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“I love to cook” composition