An essay on how I once helped my mom

Each girl, when she grows up, will become a mistress in her future own home. All the basic skills are taught to us in childhood. I wanted to help my mother from childhood. Now I understand that earlier I was more in her way when I tried to help. If I tried to wash the floors, I could pour water, while washing dishes I managed to break a cup or a plate. But now I have matured, and my mother began to trust me more.

Last weekend, we dumplings with her, because in the evening the guests were going to come to us. I really like it when someone comes home. Mom something bakes delicious, I play with the children of my parents’ friends. This time my mother offered to put on ravioli, and I gladly agreed.

At first, my mother kneaded the dough, rolled it, and then vylepila small circles. We also prepared meat for stuffing. We scrolled it through a meat grinder, added garlic, spices to taste and mixed. Then we took a little spoonful with a small spoon and laid it on the prepared dough, and then glued it with our hands along the edges. This I liked most! It was possible to mold different forms of these curls, each pelmenek was not similar to the previous one. There is a little test left and I began to sculpt different animals, as if from plasticine. It turned out very interesting, original and funny.

Mom praised me, said that I was her little helper. Soon the guests came, everyone really liked our creation. Of course, we were all in agony, but we were very pleased. Impressions of the weekend I stayed for the whole week. I told my friends in the class about my mum’s kind of mistress. They even envied me a little, and we decided together with them to learn from her the basics of cooking, because we necessarily need it in adult life. Mom too was delighted that she had someone to transfer her knowledge and skills.

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An essay on how I once helped my mom