The composition about the Passover

Our family celebrates very many holidays: birthday parties, New Year, Eighth March, Victory Day. But the most favorite for our family is the Easter holiday. This is not just a holiday, but a belief in a greater, lighter force. Why do we love him so much? Why is he the most beloved?

Yes, it’s very simple – on this day Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead. By this he redeemed the sins of all mankind. With the beginning of Christianity, this day is considered very important in the life of every person. Many people celebrate Easter differently. Some families just rest at home, others go on a visit. In our family, preparation and celebration of Easter has already become a kind of tradition.

Before the holiday, I help my mother to bake Easter cakes. This is a very long process. Everything is done strictly according to the prescription, proportions and baking time are observed. All day long, while cakes are baked, there should be quiet and many kind words in

the house. So the spirit of family warmth penetrates into the baking. Cakes are decorated with sweet. Mamuli have the most delicious cakes, because they are cooked with love.

We also prepare Easter eggs. We have this whole art. We draw warm eggs with hot wax. The patterns are very springy and beautiful. My mother gets excellent monograms, and I can only sun. Then we lower them into the water from the onion husk. Gradually the egg will be ready, the wax gets off, and in its place will remain white patterns on the brown skin. That’s very beautiful. All my friends ask my mother to paint such beauty.

On the day of the holiday, we get up very early and go to the temple with the whole family. We take with us an Easter basket with Easter cakes and eggs. After sanctification, you feel incredible strength and health. We set the table and try the sacred food. For the time being, we are resting. In the morning we congratulate all relatives. It is customary for us to say “Christ is Risen!”, And in return we must answer “Truly Risen!”. These words confirm the sacredness of the holiday and our


Then we collect all our relatives for a picnic. I really love such gatherings. The whole day is very rich and interesting. My brothers and sisters come, we play games with them, we eat refreshments. And the most favorite is the game of the tournament of eggs. It is necessary to beat the eggs against each other, and whoever does not break will be healthy and strong. All these traditions are very close to all relatives, give a good mood, faith in a bright future and enjoy the holiday.

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The composition about the Passover