Composition of my mother’s day

Mom is one of the closest, most loved and caring people. Whatever you were and what not to do, she is the only one who will always support you and understand. Mom just loves you for her child, without any obligations. No matter how old you are, you may even have your own children, but for her you will always remain her little child. Mom for his child will give the last thing he does not have, if only he does not need anything.

So I want to devote my mother every day of life. To please her and not give her sadness at all. It is very unfortunate that only one day of the Eighth March is devoted to the Mother’s Day. But on this holiday, she can consider herself a queen. It is on March 8th that everything is done for her. Papa gives her mother a huge bouquet of flowers and prepares to eat. And at the needlework class I made her a beautiful postcard with my own hands. She always takes care of my presents and puts them in a nightstand. He says that he will show to my children,

already to his grandchildren, what beautiful gifts I gave her. She loves me very much.

Also the whole day, my father and I try to please my mother. We do not let her do hard work, we clean the house. We prepare to eat. Mom, of course, helps us, but quite a bit. And still, if the weather is fine, then we take our friends and go to the forest. It’s very fun there and my mother laughs a lot. We fell a fire, we cook shish kebabs and play different games. It is unfortunate that we can not do this every day. Mom would be very pleased. Well, if the weather is not flying, then grandparents come to us in the evening, and we drink tea and talk.

I, when I’m older, bake my mother a big and tasty cake. And not necessarily for a holiday, but just because it’s so nice and wonderful. I will always help her, so she does not get tired. I will come from school and wash dishes. Clean in your room and listen to everything. I have the best mother in the world and I love her very much.

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Composition of my mother’s day