Summary “Aristocrat” Zoshchenko

The narrative is conducted on behalf of plumber Grigory Ivanovich. He tells us what his passion for an aristocrat led him to. He advises not to contact them, since he himself had this unpleasant experience:

I, my brothers, do not like women who are wearing hats. If a woman in a hat, if her stockings are filodecos, or a pug on her hands, or a golden tooth, then such an aristocrat is not a woman to me at all, but a smooth place.

The narrator gets acquainted with such a woman at a meeting in the courtyard of the house. After that, Grigory Ivanovich often goes to her room, allegedly on the case: ask if everything is in order with the water pipe and the restroom. The lady gets used to visits, becomes more sociable. After a while they are already walking along the street, and it is embarrassing for Grigory Ivanovich to go with her arm.

Once an aristocrat asks her suitor to take her to the theater. The next day, Grigory Ivanovich receives two tickets to the opera: one allocates

a lump, and the second donates Vaska-locksmith. Tickets are not in the neighboring places. Grigory Ivanovich sits on the gallery and is bored until the intermission.

During the intermission the aristocrat goes to the buffet. Seeing that she was looking at the cakes, Grigory Ivanovich offered her one, promises to pay. A happy aristocrat takes a cake with cream, then two more. Money is not enough for Grigory Ivanovich, but he is ashamed to admit it. According to his calculations, he barely has enough for three cakes, so he tries to distract the lady from eating delicacies, but the aristocrat takes the fourth cake. Here Grigory Ivanovich does not stand up and says: “Lodges back!”. The lady is frightened, and the angry Grigory Ivanovich realizes that now he will not be able to meet the aristocrat. The lady must fulfill his order.

Grigory Ivanovich asks the barman how much he needs to pay, for which he calmly voices the sum. Outraged, Grigory Ivanovich declares that the fourth cake has not yet been eaten. The owner protests that the cake is dented and bitten. The people gathered at the buffet, argue, eat or not.

As a result, Grigory Ivanovich pays for four cakes. A man, seeing that the lady will not eat the last cake, eats it, what grieves Grigory Ivanovich even more. Since then, a plumber with aristocrats is no longer found.

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Summary “Aristocrat” Zoshchenko