Composition “Culture of Communication”

Without communication, a person can not live. Yes, sometimes I want to be alone, sometimes a lot of people get bored. But a lonely person is an unhappy man. Communication with other people enriches a person. We look at the world not only with our own eyes, but also with the eyes of our friends, relatives, acquaintances. In communication, a person reveals himself. Dmitry Likhachev argued that “the most important way to recognize a person, his mental development, his moral character, his character is to listen to what he says.” And if you pay attention to how an unfamiliar person speaks, then, having communicated very little, you can draw certain conclusions about a person.

Communication is something without which a person can not live. Nowadays, you can often hear from adults, constantly busy with their problems, work, that they do not even have time to talk. Young people, on the contrary, are constantly finding time to talk. We, the truth, communicate basically by

a mobile phone and through the Internet. Communicate often in the case and just like that and probably never think about how much time we waste. We do not think that we should value our time and others’ time. For he who knows how to distribute time intelligently, has much time. It is difficult for us to get rid of the habit of talking more about ourselves and borrowing our interlocutors with our problems.

We know the rules of communication, but often forget them. When we meet with our friends and friends, we express our enthusiasm loudly, make noise, shout, not noticing others, and sometimes we do not even hear our interlocutors. And if we argue about something, each of us tries in any way to prove his point of view. Maybe, in that case, you just need to translate the conversation into another topic. It happens that a person is having fun, he is in a good mood. And he wants to share his joy with others.

On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, a person may not notice that his interlocutor is somewhat depressed and he does not want to share someone’s joy at all. We very

often forget the basic rule of communication: the ability to listen to one’s interlocutor. The culture of communication requires observance of the “golden rule”: treat the interlocutor in the way that you would like to be treated. After all, we so want to be listened to. We feel a sense of discomfort when they interrupt us and start talking about something of their own. We are upset, frustrated. But still you need to start with yourself: each of us has to learn the ability to listen to the interlocutor.

It would seem that nothing is easier than acting like the rules of etiquette. But you can master good manners and not be able to find a common language with other people. You can learn the rules of behavior and not be brought up a person, do not be pleasant and considerate conversationalist. A well-educated person feels confident and calm in any society, in any situation. He quickly finds a common language with different people. He does not experience inferiority and fear complexes. Most importantly – an educated person respects the interlocutor and knows how to listen to him.

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Composition “Culture of Communication”