Composition on the topic “Who to be?”

Who I want to be? This question has long worried me. As I grew up, I had different answers to it. That I wanted to become a driver, then a director. But now I am confident in my choice, and I know for sure that I want to become a lawyer.

Professions are many and choose the one that I would like throughout most of my life, very difficult. To do this, you need to know exactly what I want to receive, do I have the necessary talents, and will I have the skills to help me finish what I started before the logical continuation so that I could build a brilliant career in this field of activity.

Jurisprudence seems to me very fascinating employment. The science of the laws, rights and duties of citizens of the state, as well as the rights and duties assumed by the state itself is one of the ancient disciplines. Many forms of government, which tried on humanity, allowed him to develop, move toward mutually beneficial conditions of existence. Thanks to the laws it is clear what kind of society and what values ​​and aspirations it has.

Personally, I saw for myself that I can help my country become stronger and more stable, and citizens – better. After all, laws are not just to learn and to know, laws must be respected. Only this will help us to a higher degree of development. As a future lawyer, I want to see the population of my country confident in well-being, protected. Only then will my country achieve higher goals, to which it is necessary to strive.

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Composition on the topic “Who to be?”